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[SFI]Clan press office and Clan News
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stardate:012002 [SFI]Clan announces the launch of it's new
24/7 server called SFI Clan Recruiting HQ {Euro}
stardate012102[SFI] Clan launches it's second 24/7 server called SFI clan delta Server{USA} check them out in addition to our other SFI Servers
013102 SFI Clan gets their own domain name look for it soon. 
032402 SFA Clan Challenges SFI to a match only two of their members show. We grant them 2 vs 2 match SFI wins first round SFA left and never returned. SFI VICTORY
0402 SFI vs SFEF Match  SFI Victory 2-1
041002 Fleet Admiral Eliteone named to be a EF League Match Admin.
042302 SFI clan announce formation of the Euro Ef Division headed by Admiral J. Lara senior UK member.
042302 SFI announces formation of Speciaties squad.
051002 SFI Gets more 24/7 servers. Look for the new SFI 24/7 servers with your game launcher software (ie Gamespy) Many thanks to the Admiralty, especially Flg. Admiral Sprint for setting it up.
052002: SFI Clan expands again into the Jedi Knight 2 outcast game. Recruitment is currently under way.
062002: EFL League play continues We are currently ranked in the middle of the standings.Considering it's our first year in the EFL not too bad SFI.